The "European Conference on Neutron Scattering" (ECNS) series is organized every four years by the European Neutron Scattering Association ENSA
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The Chairman of ENSA is now Peter Allenspach, PSI.

The first of this series was held in Interlaken (CH) in 1996,

the second ECNS  in Budapest (HU) in 1999,

the third ECNS took place in Montpellier (FR) in Sept. 2003,

ECNS 4 happened in Lund (SE) in June 2007


ENSA awards every two years the prestigious Walter Hälg Prize.



The "International Conference on Neutron Scattering" series was organized every three years by the local Neutron Scattering Association of the place where it takes place. From 1997 on it is held every four years in alternation with the ECNS.

There is an International Advisory Committee of about 26 members.

The last meetings:

ICNS’82 in Hakone (JP),                                                   ICNS’85 in Sante Fe (USA),

ICNS’88 in Grenoble (FR),                                                ICNS’91 in Oxford (GB),

ICNS’94 in Sendai (JP),                                                    ICNS’97 in Toronto (CA),

ICNS 2001 in Munich (DE), proceedings in Appl. Phys. A (Suppl.1), 2002

ICNS 2005 was be held in Sydney (AU),

ICNS 2009 will be held in Knoxville, TN (USA).



The first "American Conference on Neutron Scattering" (ACNS) was organized by the Neutron Scattering Association of America (NSSA), in conjunction with the SNS-HFIR User Group (SHUG), in Knoxville, Tennessee, in June 2002.

Chairman is Rob Briber (UMD) (e-mail:,

ACNS home page:

ACNS2008 (American Conference on Neutron Scattering, n°4) to be held in Santa Fe, NM in Mai 2008.