International Collaboration on Advanced Neutron Sources

Home page: http://www.pns.anl.gov/related/icans.shtml

ICANS is an informal network of laboratories whose scientists are involved in developing pulsed neutron sources and accelerator based spallation neutron sources. The attention of the Collaboration is on the subjects of accelerator development, source (target) and moderator development, and neutron scattering instrumentation development.


ICANS I - Argonne National Laboratory, December 12-15, 1977

ICANS II - Rutherford Laboratory, July 10-14, 1978

ICANS III: Conference on Target Stations and Accelerator Technology. Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory, March 19-22, 1979.

ICANS IV at KEK, Tsukuba, October 20-24, 1980.

ICANS V in Jülich, June 22-26, 1981.

ICANS VI at Argonne National Laboratory, June 29-July 2, 1982

ICANS VI at Chalk River Nuclear Laboratories, September 13-16, 1983.

ICANS VIII at Keble College, Oxford, 8-12 July 1985.

ICANS-IX at PSI, Villigen, September 22-26, 1986.

ICANS-X at Los Alamos, 3-7 October, 1988.

ICANS-XI at KEK, Tsukuba, October 22-26, 1990.

ICANS-XII at the Cosener's House, Abingdon, Oxfordshire, UK, May 24-28, 1993.

ICANS-XIII at PSI, Villigen, Switzerland, October 11-14, 1995.

ICANS XIV in Utica, Illinois, USA, June 14-19, 1998.

ICANS-XV in Tsukuba, Japan, November 6-9, 2000

ICANS-XVI in Neuss, Germany, May 12-15, 2003

ICANS-XVII in Santa Fe, NM, USA, April 24-29, 2006

ICANS-XVIII in Guangdong, CN, April 23-27, 2007