International Group on Research Reactors

IGORR Charter:

The International Group on Research Reactors was formed to facilitate the sharing of knowledge and experience among those institutions and individuals who are actively working to design, build, and promote new research reactors or make significant upgrades to existing facilities.

Home page: http://www.igorr.com/

Actual chairman: Joel GUIDEZ by interim since June 2006

IGORR1        in Knoxville, Tennessee       in 3/90

IGORR2        in Saclay                               in 5/92

IGORR3        in Tokai, Ibaraki,                   in 9/93

IGORR4        in Gatlinburg, TN                  in 5/95

IGORR5        in Aix-en-Provence              in 11/96

IGORR6        in Taejon, Korea                   in 5/98

IGORR7        in Bariloche, Argentina        in 10/99

IGORR8        in Munich, Germany             in 4/2001

IGORR9        in Sydney, Australia             in 3/2003

IGORR10      in Gaithersburg, USA          in 9/2005 (jointly with TRTR)

IGORR2007 in Lyon, France                    in 3/2007 (jointly with RRFM)

IGORR2009  in Beijing, China                   in ?/2009 (jointly with RRFM)


Proceedings of IGORR 6 to 11: see home page http://www.igorr.com/

no IGORR Newsletters any more