Argonne IPNS

Organisation:            Argonne National Laboratory

Installation:                 IPNS (since 1981)

Type:                          spallation source, 450 MeV, 30 Hz, beam power 8 kW,
target: depleted uranium

Address:                    9700 South Cass Ave
Argonne, IL 60439, USA

Home page:    

Contact:                     John ("Jack") M. Carpenter

Phone / fax:               +1 630-252-5519 ,   fax: -4163


Secretary:                  Diane Hoffmann   6485


CNS:                                     one liquid CH4 ("F"),      two solid CH4  ("C" and "H")

temperature:                         110 K ("F") / 25 K ("C" and "H")    power:            50 W each

total power available:           300 W                                               volume:          0.5 L each

heat removal:                        direct He cooling ("C" and "H"), circulating ("F")

remarks:                    "C" and "H" contain ~10v% Al foam, are decoupled and fixed,
"C" is grooved; "H" is poisoned;
"F" is decoupled, and poisoned


projects:                     IPNS studies cold moderators for SNS (see site Oak Ridge SNS in this document)

recent publications: ICANS-XVI (Neuss DE 2003): on irradiated H2 (proc. p.707), on liquid and solid CH4 (proc. pp. 719 and 783)
ICANS-XVIII (China 2007): Bradlley
J. Micklich reports about "Metal hydrides as moderators for pulsed spallation neutron sources", Id18.
Also at ICANSXVIII : "Prospects for a Very Cold Neutron Source (on a long pulse linear accelerator)"
                                      by Bradley J. Micklich and John M. Carpenter, Id17

see also: Workshop on "Applications of a Very Cold Neutron Source" at ANL, Aug.'05
              Workshop on "Present Status and Future of Very Cold Neutron Applications"  at PSI Villigen, Switzerland in Feb.

A nice introduction to neutron moderation by Jack Carpenter: