Austin, Texas

Organisation:            The University of Texas at Austin

Installation:                 Nuclear Engineering Teaching Laboratory, NETL

Type:                          TRIGA Mark II reactor, LEU, 1.1 MW since 1992, up to 1.5 GW in pulsed mode

Address:                    J.J.Pickle Research Campus, Building 159
Austin, TX 78712, USA

Home page:    

Contact:                     Donna J. O’Kelly

Phone / fax:               +1 512-232-4174 ,   fax: -471-4589




CNS:                                     "Texas Cold Neutron Source" TCNS

moderator:                            mesitylene                 pressure:                   ~ 0 kPa

temperature:                         40 K                           cooling power needs:          16 W

                                                                                                                  (12 W ambient) 

total power available:           22 W                          moderator volume:                88 ml

heat removal:                        liquid neon thermal siphon

remarks:                                new cryo-refrigerator in 2004


projects:                     PGNAA

recent publication:  K. Ünlü, C. Rios-Martinez, and B. W. Wehring,
"The University of Texas Cold Neutron Source"
Nucl. Instr. and Meth. in Phys. Res. A353, 397 (1994).

                                    Donna J. O’Kelly "INIE AT UT"
Proc. of IGORR10, NIST 2005

 UCN: This TRIGA reactor could be a perfect candidate for the installation of a UCN source.