Beijing  CARR

Organisation:            China Institute of Atomic Energy (CIAE)

Installation:                 CARR

Type:                          pool reactor (60 MW LEU), th=8·1014 n/cms, under construction

Address:                    PO box 275(33), Beijing 102413, China,

Home page:    

Contact:                     Prof. Yuan Luzheng

Phone / fax:               +86 10-69358140,   fax: -69357008


Co-workers:              Dr. Feng Shen (e-mail:

                                    Dr. Quing Feng Yu (


CNS Project :

moderator:                 H2                               phase:                        2-phase liquid/gas

volume:                      ~1 L                           temperature:             23 K

pressure:                   24 kPa                       heat removal:            gravity (single tube) *)

power:                        800 W                         refrigerator:               ?

material:                    Al 6061

*) + direct cooling

to be built in collaboration with the Cryogenic Laboratory Xi'an Jiao Tong University, start end 2007.


remarks:             The actual reactor HWRR has operated a CNS from 1988 to 1990

recent publications:

"CARR-CNS with Crescent-shape Moderator Cell and Sub-cooling Helium Jacket around Cell"
by Qingfeng Yu, Quanke Feng, Takeshi Kawai, Feng Shen, Luzheng Yuan, Liang Cheng
at the Symposium in Commemoration of the 10th Anniversary of HANARO in Daejeon, Korea, April 2005.

"Development of CNS in CARR" by Quanke Feng & Feng Shen at the 5th UCN/CNS Workshop, St. Petersburg 2005:


The Chinese Academy of Sciences plans a spallation neutron source with cold source (project CSNS), cf ICANS17_Id70, 2007:
 "Neutronics study of the coupled para-hydrogen moderator for CSNS" by Wen Yin, Tianjiao Liang, and Qiwei Yan.