Bloomington LENS

Organisation:            Indiana University Cyclotron Facility

installation:                LENS (Low Energy Neutron Source)

type:                           accelerator based neutron source, target Be,
H+ 50 mA, >11 MeV (upgraded)

address:                    IUCF, 2401 Milo B. Simpson Ln, Bloomington, In 47408

home page:     

contact:                      David V. Baxter

phone / fax:                +1-812-855-8337    fax:      -5533


co-workers:               Mike Snow (phone: -7914), Mark Leuschner (phone: 812-856-1721)


Cold source: Installation on the PL-7 proton beam line (operation 2005)

(variable pulse width up to 1.5 ms) :

Cold moderator      solid CH4 at 22K or less.


UCN:                         for testing new moderators

recent publ.:  
Proc._UCN-CNS_4th_Workshop (PNPI 2003) by M. Leuschner

"LENS: a new pulsed neutron source for research and education" by M. Leuschner et al. in J. Res. Natl. Inst. Stand. Technol. 110, 153-155 (2005)]

"LENS produces its first “cold” neutron beam" by Mark Leuschner, April 26, 2005, see

ICANSXVIII_Id181, 2007 "Slow Neutron Sources: Cold, Very Cold, and Ultracold" by W. M. Snow.