Budapest KFKI

Organisation:            AEKI

Installation:                WWR at KFKI (new operation licence until 2013)

Type: pool reactor 10 MW, LEU, Řth=2.5·1014 n/cm˛s,

Address:                    KFKI, P.O.Box 49
H-1525 Budapest, Hungary

Home page:    

Contact:                     Sándor Tözsér

Phone / fax:               +36 1 395-9139, fax:  -9162


Co-workers:              Laszlo Rosta (, fax +36 1 392-2501
István Vidovszky (


CNS:                          operating since Feb. 2001

moderator:                 H2                               temperature:             20 K

volume:                      0.5 L                          phase:                        sub-cooled liquid

power:                        250 W                        heat removal:            directly cooled

material: chamber:   AlMg5                                    vacuum thimble:        AlMg5

refrigerator:               Linde, Brayton cycle, 1 turbine, 2 screw-compr. 18+37 kW(el.)


remarks:                    reactor does not need to shut down in case of CNS failure
(room temperature cooling loop).
CNS has been built in collaboration with PNPI Gatchina.

recent publications: ICNS 2001 (Munich), proceedings in Appl. Phys. A (Suppl.1), 2002 (L. Rosta et al.)

IGORR9 to 11 (I. Vidovszky)

6th Workshop on "Ultra Cold & Cold Neutrons. Physics & Sources" in Russia 7/07:

"Performance and operation of LH2 CNS at the Budapest Research Reactor" by

T. Grosz.