Chalk River

Organisation:            Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd (AECL)
and National Research Council (NRC)

Installation:                 NRU (first operation in 1957, continuing until 2012)

Type:                          120 MW, D2O coolant and moderator, th=4·1014 n/cms

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Contact:                     Ian_P._Swainson

Secretary:                  Niki_Schrie

Address:                    Chalk River Laboratories, Chalk River Ontario, K0J 1J0, Canada

Phone/fax:                 (613) 584 8293 or -3995, fax:            (613) 584 4040

Co-workers at NRC:            John_Root   (613) 584 8297

project team at AECL:            Albert Garland Lee (
Raguy M. Rabbat (, head of project group CNS
Denis Seehoye (


CNS:              none existing, but at least one CNS is proposed in the new Canadian Neutron Facility (CNF), a joint AECL/NRC project, which will be based on a new reactor as replacement of the NRU. Funding problems actually postpone the government decision.

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