Delft HOR

Organisation:            TU-Delft, Interfaculty Reactor Institute

Installation:                HOR

Type:                          pool reactor 2 MW, operation since 1963, th=0.25·1014 n/cms,

Address:                    Mekelweg 15
2629 JB Delft, The Nederlands

Home page:              Reactor Institute Delft

Contact:                     Prof. Adrian Verkooijen 

Phone / fax:               +31 15 278-6614,    fax:     +31 15 278-8430




CNS:                          in the design phase

Moderator:                 H2                               phase:                        liquid

heat removal:            directly cooled ?       pressure:                   ??


remarks:                    CNS to be built in collaboration with PNPI Gatchina in the frame of a HOR upgrade

recent publications: IGORR8 (Munich 2001), IGORR9 (Sydney 2003)
Options for the Delft Advanced Neutron Source"
                                  by A.H.M. VERKOOIJEN, & al.