Dubna JINR

Organisation: Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR),
Frank Lab. of Neutron Physics (FLNP)

Installation: IBR-2, fuel: PuO2, peak unperturbed th=270·1014 n/cms,

Type: pulsed reactor since 1977, average power 2 MW

Address: 141980 Dubna, Russia

Home page: http://nfdfn.jinr.ru/flnph/

Contact: A.A.Beliakov, E.P.Shabalin

Phone / fax: +7-09621-65657 or -65253, fax -65085 or -65882

e-mail: beliakov@nf.jinr.ru



CNS: one, operational since 1999

Moderator: CH4 temperature: 30 - 70 K

volume: 1.2 L phase: solid

specific power: 100 mW/g working pressure: 0.6 MPa

heat removal: directly cooled

performance: gain factor = 20


Remarks: strong radiolysis effects

recent publications: ACoM IV in 2/99, and ICANS-XV (Tsukuba 2000): 21.5

E.P.Shabalin studies cold moderators for ESS

Project: Modernization programme IBR-2M with three CNS (operational in 2010)

ICANS18_Id147: "Complex of moderators for the IBR-2M reactor" by V. Ananiev, A. Belyakov, & al.

ICANS18_Id178: "Experimental Study of Swelling of Irradiated Solid Methane during Annealing" by E. Shabalin, & al.

ICANS18_Id213: "The experimental and calculated density of vibrational states and UCN loss coefficients of perflu" by Yuri Pokotilovski, & al.