Garching FRM2

Organisation:            Technische Universität München

Installation:                 FRM-II, started operation in 03/2003

Type:                          pool reactor, 20 MW compact core (HEU), Øth=8·1014 n/cm²s, D2O-reflector

Address:                    Reaktorstation
85748 Garching, Germany

Home page:    

Contact:                     Dr. Ingo Neuhaus

Phone / fax:               +49 89 289 1-2183,            fax:      -2191


Secretary:                    -2154


CNS:                          one, operation scheduled in 2003

moderator:                 D2 + 5% H2               temperature:             25 K

eff. volume:                15 L                           phase:                        liquid

pressure:                   150 kPa                    power:                        5000 W

material: chamber:   Al 6061                      vacuum thimble:        Zircaloy

refrigerator                Linde, 2 turbines, 1 screw compressor,   500 kW(el.)

heat removal:            gravitational (single tube thermal siphon)

remarks:                    N2 liner, low pressure metal hydride storage
reactor has to stop in case of CNS failure


recent publications:  ICANS-XV (Tsukuba 2000): 21.8 and 23.18,
IGORR8 (Munich 2001): E. Gutsmiedl et al. p.175, 297,

IGORR10 (at NIST): "The FRM-II Hot and Cold Neutron Source"
by Christian Müller, Erwin Gutsmiedl, A. Röhrmoser, A. Scheuer, & al.

Symposium in Commemoration of the 10th Anniversary of HANARO
Daejeon, Korea, April 2005: "
Commissioning of the Cold Source at the FRM-II"
E. Gutsmiedl, &al.

"Special Constructional Design Features of Cold and Hot Neutron Source and Confirmation/
Verification during Commissioning of the Hot and Cold Neutron Source at the FRM-II" 
E. Gutsmiedl, C. Müller, D. Päthe, and A. Scheuer at IGORR10 (NIST 2005).


Garching UCN and VCN

UCN group around Prof. Stephan Paul (

Project "mini-D2": Solid deuterium cooled to He-temperature, now (2006) no longer on a cold neutron beam position close to the CNS, but in a through-going beam tube (SR6), contact:          Dr. Erwin Gutsmiedl (

co-workers: Igor Altarev, Joachim Hartmann, Wolfgang Schott, et al.

Home page:

recent publications: ECNS2007 (Lund): "Production and Physics with Ultra Cold Neutrons"
by Axel Müller, Igor Altarev, Erwin Gutsmiedl, Joachim Hartmann
, & al.

"PENeLOPE and AbEx - towards a precise neutron lifetime measurement"
by I. Altarev, & al. at the 5th
UCN/CN Workshop in Peterhof (RU) 2005.

"Constructional design of the Ultra cold Neutron source of the FRM II"
by A. Scheuer at
the 5th UCN/CN Workshop in Peterhof (RU) 2005.

"The very cold beam on MIRA at the Forschungsneutronenquelle Heinz Maier-Leibnitz (FRM II)"
by R. Georgii (private communication, bibliography on ottosix site).

"Fundamental Neutron Physics at the Eastern Neutron Guide Hall of the FRM-II" by
I. Altarev, A. Frei, E. Gutsmiedl, F.J. Hartmann, & al., 2006 (private communication, bibliography on ottosix site).

"PENeLOPE: On the way towards a precise neutron lifetime measurement"
by R. Picker at the 6th
UCN/CN Workshop in Russia 2007.