Gatchina PNPI

Organisation: PNPI (Russian Academy of Sciences)

Installation: WWM-R (operation license until 2015)

Type: pool reactor 14 to 16 MW, Be-reflector, th=0.8·1014 n/cms,

Address: Gatchina, Leningrad District, 188350, Russia

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Contact: Anatoli Serebrov

Phone and fax: +7 812 71 300 72


Co-workers: Victor Mityukhlyaev (
Arcady Zakharov (


CNS: one vertical since 1986, not operating these days
one horizontal in a beam tube for testing cold moderators

moderator: D2+ X% H2 temperature: 20 K

volume: 0.5 L phase: sub-cooled liquid

power: 4000 W, used for either the vertical or the horizontal CNS

refrigerator Brayton cycle, 2 turbines, piston compressors

heat removal: gravity thermal siphon + direct cooling


Remarks: vertical source was used for polarised VCN and UCN production.

There is also a horizontal solid D2 source.

There are plans for a new CNS + guide hall

recent publications: A.P. Serebrov in N-News 2/93, and with
I.S. Altarev in Journal of Neutron Research Vol.1, N4.


PIK reactor (100 MW, th=3·1014 n/cms) under construction with at least one CNS
see proceedings
IGORR9 (Sydney 2003)


UCN: Solid deuterium cooled to below 10 K

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PNPI Gatchina organizes a series of international UCN/CNS Workshops, 6 already,
For proceedings with many references to PNPI-UCN see for instance ..

See also the page forthcoming events at the ottosix website

other publications: UCN Workshop Los Alamos 2000 (see Los_Alamos)