Geesthacht GKSS

Organisation:            GKSS Forschungszentrum

Installation:                 FRG2

Type:                          MTR - pool reactor, 5 MW, HEU, compact, th= 1.3·1014 n/cms

Address:                    GKSS, Postfach 1160,
21495 Geesthacht, Germany

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Contact:                     Dr. Wolfgang Knop

Phone / fax:               +49 41 52 87-1234             fax: -1338




CNS:                          one, operating since 1988

moderator:                 H2                               temperature:             25 - 35 K

volume:                      0.8 L                          phase:                        super-critical

pressure                    1.3 - 1.7 MPa            power:                        1355 W

material: chamber:            AlMg3                                    vacuum thimble:            AlMg3

heat removal:            forced (cold circulator), can work with natural convection

refrigerator                AL, 1 turbine, 1 screw compressor           160 kW(el.)


remarks:                    reactor does not need to shut down in case of CNS failure (room temperature cooling loop).

In 2007: Installation of a new moderator chamber (hemispherical instead of lenticular).
60 % increase of CN output is expected, new cooling power demand should be 1625 W.


recent publications:            "New Moderator Chamber of the FRG-1 Cold Neutron Source
for the Increase of Cold Neutron Flux" by
P. Schreiner, W. Knop at IGORR2007 (Lyon 2007)
Same authors at ECNS4 in Lund (SE) 2007