Organisation:            INSTITUTT FOR ENERGITEKNIKK

Installation:                 Jeep-2

Type:                          pool reactor 2 MW, D2O-reflector, th=0.2·1014 n/cms,

Address:                    P.O. BOX 40, 2007 Kjeller, Norway

Home page:              http://www.ife.no/

Contact:                     K. H. Bendiksen,

Phone/fax:                 +47-63-806000, -806275,  fax:      -816356

e-mail:                        kjell.bendiksen@ife.no

Co-worker:                Kenneth D. Knudsen  (e-mail: knudsen@ife.no)

Phone/fax:                 +47-63-806084,                   fax:      -810920



CNS:                          one, operating since 1975

moderator:                 H2                   phase:                        liquid

volume:                      0.5 L               power:                        60 W

refrigerator:               Philips            heat transfer:             gravity (thermal siphon)

temperature:              21 K               pressure:                   150 KPa


Remarks:                   reactor does not need to shut down in case of CNS failure

recent publications: Neutron News Vol. 11, No. 4, 2000