Organisation:            Research Reactor Institute, Kyoto University

Installation:                 KUR, shut down in 2005 for 2 years ?

Type:                          pool reactor 5 MW (HEU), th=0.3·1014 n/cms,
may reopen with only 1 MW power

Address:                    Kumatori-cho, Sennan-gun,
Osaka, 590-0494 Japan

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Contact:                     Takeshi_Kawai moved to China

Phone / fax:               +81-724-51-2371,   fax:+81-724-51-2600

other contacts :         Yuji Kawabata (
Fumihiro Yoshino (


CNS:                          one, operating from 1987 to 2005

moderator:                 D2                   phase:                        liquid

pressure:                   200 kPa         temperature:             25 K

volume:                      4 L                  power:                        240 W (100 W nucl.)

heat removal:            gravity (thermal siphon)

refrigerator                Sulzer + Nippon Sanso Co.                      


recent publications: ICANS-XV (Tsukuba 2000): 23.19 (T. Kawai  et. al.),
                                IGORR9 (Sydney 2003) session 4.

"Cold neutron production in solid and liquid CH4 moderators" by N. Morishima and T. Mitsuyasu
in Nucl.Inst&Meth. in Physics A,
Volume 517,1-3, 2004, 295-300.

"Cold neutron production in solid and liquid CH4 moderators. II: on the reentrant-hole configuration" by T. Mitsuyasu, N. Morishima, & al.
in Nucl.Inst&Meth. in Physics A,
Volume_537,3, 2005, 610-613.



UCN activity: 

N. Morishima et al.: superfluid 4He (ICNS_2001 (Munich): poster C-2)

VCN Workshop in PSI Feb. 13-14, 2006: "Very Cold Neutron Radiography for High Contrast Imaging" by Yuji Kawabata