Organisation: Institute of Nuclear Energy Research (INER)

Installation: TRR-2, refurbishing cancelled in 2002

Type: pool reactor, (goal: 20 MW, th=2·1014 n/cms)

Address: 1000, Wenhua Road, Chiaan Village,
Lungtan, Taoyuan, Taiwan, 325 Republic of China

Home page:

Contact: Tsun-Neng Yang

Phone / fax: +886 3 4711-400- fax: -408


Co-worker: Yu-Hao Huang, C.H. Lee


CNS: (goal: LH2, 3.6 l, 3kW, thermal siphon)

recent publ.: Proc. ICANS-XV (Tsukuba 2000): 21.1, and 23.19

Proc. IGORR8 (Munich 2001): C.H. Lee et al. p.159
by CH Lee and T. Kawai