Organisation:            JOHANNES GUTENBERG Universität Mainz

Installation:                 FRMZ operating since 1965

Type:                          TRIGA II reactor, 0.1 MW steady state, 250 MW peak (pulsed), 5·1014 n/cm²s pulsed

Address:                    Institut für Kernchemie
Fritz-Strassmann-Weg 2, D-55128 Mainz, Germany  

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Contact:                     Norbert G. Trautmann

Phone / fax:               +49 6131 39-25847            fax:      -24488


Co-worker:                Klaus Eberhardt (, phone: -25846


No CNS, but

UCN:                         A group around Werner Heil ( and Stephan Paul ( uses the TRIGA reactor (possibly in the pulsed mode) for testing successfully new methods of UCN-production (solid D2  and CD4) and UCN storage. An upgraded UCN source will be in operation from 2008 on at the radial channel D with its factor of 6 higher neutron flux.

recent publ.:   "A solid Deuterium UCN Source at the research reactor TRIGA Mainz" by S. Paul, W. Heil, J.V. Kratz, I. Altarev, K. Eberhardt, et al. in annual report 2004 Kernchemie Uni-Mainz.

"A Prototype of the Mini-D2 Source for Ultra-Cold Neutrons" by I. Altarev, A. Frei, E. Gutsmiedl, F.J. Hartmann, et al., 2006, see Garching UCN and CNS.

"First results with the solid deuterium UCN source at the reactor TRIGA Mainz" by W. Heil at the 6th UCN/CN Workshop in Russia 2007.