Raleigh NCSU

Organisation:            North Carolina State University

installation:                Pulstar

type:                           TRIGA reactor, light water, 1 MW, 4% LEU,
1012 n/cm² s (< 10meV)

address:                    NCSU Raleigh, NC 27695 7909, USA

home page:               http://www.ne.ncsu.edu/NRP/pulstar.html

contact:                      Prof. Bernard W. Wehring

phone / fax:                +1-919-515-4599                fax:      -513-1276

e-mail:                        bwwehrin@ncsu.edu

co-workers:               Chris Gould (Chris_Gould@ncsu.edu),
Albert Young (Albert_Young@ncsu.edu)


planned installation in the thermal column:

Cold pre-moderator             solid CH4

UCN moderator                   solid D2 < 20 K

recent publ.:             
Proc. UCN-CNS_4th Workshop (PNPI 2003) by A. Young

"A Preview of Research Projects at NC State University PULSTAR Reactor" by A. Cook at IGORR10 at NIST, Sept. 2005.