Saclay CEA

Organisation: CEA Saclay

Installation: Orphe, operating since 1980, since 2003 with fewer cycles per annum because of budget problems

Type: pool reactor, 14 MW, HEU, D2O reflector, th=3·1014 n/cms,

Address: 91191 GIF SUR YVETTE, France

Home page:

Contact: Mr. J. Estrade

Phone / fax: +33 169 08-4611, fax: -8320

Co-worker: Mr. Burdon (, ext. -4040



CNS: two, refurbished in 1995

moderator: H2 phase: liquid

volume: 1 L each temperature: 20 K

pressure: 90 kPa heat removal: gravity (thermal siphon)

material: chamber: AlMg3 vacuum thimble: AlMg3

power: 650 / 500 W refrigerator: AL, screw, 250 kW(el.)


remarks: reactor has to stop in case of CNS failure


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Experimental facilities: Pierre Monceau at Laboratoire Lon Brillouin (LLB),


No UCN facility