Daejeon HANARO

Organisation:            KAERI

Installation:                 HANARO

Type:                          open pool reactor, 30 MW (LEU), th=5·1014 n/cms,
D2O reflector

Address:                    P.O. Box 105, Yuson,
Daejeon, 305-600 Korea

Home page:              http://hanaro.kaeri.re.kr/

Contact:                     Kye Hong Lee

Phone / fax:               +82 42 868-2277, fax:-8610

e-mail:                        khlee@kaeri.re.kr

Co-workers:              Jungwoon Choi (jwchoi@kaeri.re.kr)


CNS:                                      under construction (operational in 2008)

Moderator:                             H2                               phase:                        liquid

volume:                                  1.3 L                           pressure:                   160 kPa

material: chamber:               Al6061 T6                 vacuum thimble:        Zircaloy

heat removal:                        gravity, two-phase thermal siphon

power:                                    about 1000 W


Remarks:                               the CNS Vertical hole and beam tube are already built
            new shielding plug (design MTF) with 5 neutron guides

recent publications               Proc. IGORR8 (Munich 2001): C.O. Choi et al. p.103

Proc. ICEC19 (Grenoble 2002): C.O. Choi et al. p.123

"HANARO Cold Neutron Research Facility Project" by Y.-J. Kim in
Proc._UCN-CNS_4th_Workshop (PNPI 2003)

Proc. IGORR10 (NIST 2005):
Y.J. Yu, K.H. Lee, H.R. Kim
"Current Status of the HANARO CNS"

Proc. IGORR2007 : "Measurement of Void Fraction in Hydrogen Moderator Used for Moderator Cell of HANARO Cold Neutron Source"
                                   by Myong-Seop Kim, Jungwoon Choi, et al.